White House on the Beach

White House on the Beach

I will take the road that winds
Down the coast
Where the artists and the poets go to find
Someplace to be alone
I will meet you in a white house on the beach
And we will sing together once again
And if love is still within our reach
We will hold on as the light breaks in

There will be a morning sky
And a breeze to brush the curtains back
And sleep will still be in our eyes
When the day comes to erase our tracks
We will watch the constellations dance
Stepping in and out of the window frames
By the half-light of the radio
We will find the way again to love each other

And we will shine together through the night
Like the would-be stars in the movie dreams
We will tumble in and out of sight
Love will light up all the scenes
Just like in some dream


Copyright 2011 by Janie Christensen


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