1- Captive and small
Shattered and weak
Never was given
The power to speak
Deliver from this hell
Nobody will
We’ve grown too accustomed
To capture and kill

CHO – So that we can be pretty
So that we can be pretty
So that we can be pretty
And smile in the mirror
For all of our days.

2- Field to the lab
The bottle, the ad
Hidden behind
The bright, clever lines
An image so sad
Can we stand by
And never ask why
These innocent beings
Must suffer and die

CHO- (repeat)

BRIDGE- Where are the words
That have served my life
Where are they now that I need them
Someone must say this is wrong
It’s so wrong
And it surely will end
But how long, how long

3- Come, tenderness
Come, mercy and grace
Please visit us now
Lead us out
Of this place
Let no creature feel this pain
Or this helplessness
No god ever gave us the right
To do this

© 2012 by Janie Christensen


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