I See Love

I See Love

Million radios
Million voices
Summer dresses
Red as roses
I will tell your fortune
Just meet me up over the candy store
You’re a lucky man, Señor,
I see love

I see children
Playing on the street below
I see a young man
Playing the ragged Romeo
Go and find her
When the moon comes up tonight
If the stars are lined up right
I see love

It keeps coming around
What is lost can be found
What is broken can mend
Don’t give up, my friend
‘Cause I’ve seen it all
In my crystal ball
And it’s coming round again

Pretty little dreamer
Queen of the neighborhood
Standing by a streetlight
And looking like Hollywood
Did I tell you
I got a call from Lady Luck
She said things are looking up
I see love



Copyright 2011 by Janie Christensen


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